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About Us

Caplin Point is a fast growing, fully integrated Pharmaceutical company with a dominant presence in Latin America, Francophone Africa and a growing presence in the Regulated markets such as USA and EU.

The company was established in 1990 to manufacture a range of ointments, creams and other external applications. The Company was listed in 1994 following its Initial Public Offering (IPO) which was oversubscribed 117 times, the proceeds of which were deployed in setting up a manufacturing facility at Pondicherry. Thereafter, the Company expanded its product range and increased its production capacity.

The Company focused on the emerging markets of Latin America, Caribbean, Francophone and Southern Africa and is today one of the leading suppliers of Pharmaceuticals in these regions, with over 4000 product licenses across the globe. Company thrives on a unique business model of owning distribution networks, catering predominantly to the Bottom of the Pyramid, in the areas of its presence.

The facility has been inspected by US FDA three times since 2016 and received EIR each time. As on date, the company has filed 20 ANDAs, with 18 approval, of which 12 belong to Caplin Steriles. The facility is also approved by EU-GMP, ANVISA-Brazil, INVIMA-Colombia, COFEPRIS-Mexico, etc.

Caplin Point maintains deep focus on innovative technologies and products, with a sizeable part of its annual earnings invested into Research & Development of safe and effective products across varied dosage forms.