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The success of Caplin Point is primarily attributed to its unique business model. Starting of as an SME, Caplin Point decided at an early stage that the conventional style of exports would mean diminishing margins and reduced opportunities for expansion, and had taken the unique step of creating last mile logistical solutions for its exclusive distributors across Latin America and various parts of Africa. This way, Caplin Point is able to generate adequate revenue and cash flow to remain debt-free with benchmark receivables, and also continue to invest in state of the art manufacturing facilities from internal accruals. One of the main reasons for the success can be attributed to the wide range of products offered across diverse geographies. Caplin Point has over 2000 products licenses across the globe with a further 300 in the pipeline for emerging markets.

Caplin Point has made a foray into the regulated markets with its latest manufacturing facility that is already approved by EU-GMP and ANVISA-Brazil. The facility is awaiting the coveted US FDA approval.